Best of the Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks Priced Below $200

Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks: “Are you amongst the ones who loves to lose their Door Lock Keys or it is among their hobbies?” Well, I am just kidding as nobody wants this situation to ever happen to them on their will. But yes, if these kind of scenarios are very common in your life where you usually forget where have you placed your door lock keys. But with the advancement of the technology, then this problem also has got a solution but it will cost your pocket some Bucks.

Well, if your life may get some ease then the money doesn’t matter at all and that is why the smart home technologies are doing exceptionally well in the market. So, the smart locks are also amongst the common requirements in the daily lives of ours which have become really very busy nowadays.

What is a biometric security device? They are security locks and other devices that identify the people using them by one of their unique physical characteristics, such as a retina scan. Most door locks are programmed to use fingerprints. Because no two people in history have ever had identical fingerprint patterns, this makes them perfect for security identification purposes, only allowing entry to those who should be allowed to have it.

Best of the Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks Priced Below $200

Advantages of Biometric Security

A biometric door lock is preferred over other types because it has several useful advantages. The first is you need no keys to open one. No more worrying over lost or forgotten keys. You always have what you need to open the lock with you. If your hands are full with groceries at home or file folders at work, you can still easily unlock a door.

So if you are looking for a new Biometric fingerprint door lock to upgrade the security of your respective houses, then you must not delay now. And to make your job even easier, we have picked the best five of the Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock for under $200.

Following are the best five Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks from our pick:

1. Adel 3398 Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Adel 3398 is a quality product from the Cyber-Bay International Company. The new Adel 3398 lock is 3 in 1 device that can be open by a fingerprint scanner, password/code and a traditional mechanical key. This new door lock provides a lot of convenience to people who often forget their key for the door. Now, the customers can open the door by using the fingerprint scanner, by using the key or simply just by entering the password. Click Here to Buy

Best of the Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks Priced Below $200

The features of the Adel 3398 Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock are given as below:

  • It adopts European standard lock core and a thin lock construction, flexible use, good scalability
  • The perfect combination of lock, password and biotechnology can open the lock by a mechanical key, emergency password or group members fingerprint
  • The fingerprint storage capacity is up to 120 pieces
  • Lock function: lock upward or rotate with front/rear handle can make the door lock with convenience and safety
  • Normally open function: directly rotate a front handle and open the door, suitable for use in a specific situation

2. Ardwolf A1 Keyless Keypad Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

The Ardwolf A1 door lock is an ideal for your home and office. Keep yourself and your loved ones safe with Ardwolf. You can use the added fingerprint or the user code to unlock the door, or else use the mechanical key. For more safety, there is a double verification mode, you can enter any code + any fingerprint, or any two different added fingerprint to unlock the door. Click Here to Buy

Best of the Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks Priced Below $200

The features of the Ardwolf A1 Biometric Door Lock are as following: 

  • Five ways to unlock: Fingerprint, User Code, Mechanical Key and two dual-verification modes make your house safer: Code + Fingerprint, Fingerprint+ Fingerprint
  • Easy to install and use for multiple places: Up to 100 fingerprints and 100 user codes capacity allow you and your partners for multi-users
  • Durable built-in touch sensor: One touch to unlock; Self-learning ability: Fingerprint recognised after every fingerprint entry
  • Adjustable handle direction: Fits both left-handed and right-handed door; you can adjust the handle direction per your preference
  • Support passage mode: stay at unlocking state during this mode, Enter any user code or fingerprint to disable the mode

3. Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint Touchscreen Keyless Door Lock

The Ultraloq UL3 Door lock is no similar to any other locks as it comes packed with features like it is Durable, waterproof and dustproof Heal broken fingerprint lines. Click Here to Buy

Best of the Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks Priced Below $200

Following are the features of the Ultraloq UL3 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock:

  • ADVANCED FINGERPRINT IDENTIFICATION: 95 fingerprints can be enrolled. Identifies you in less than 0.5 second and works well for kids and the elder. 95 users defined 4-8 digit codes.
  • HIDDEN BACKUP KEY: 3 mechanical keys for backup, a keyhole is positioned especially on the bottom to give extra security in case of keyhole hackers.
  • SOLID AND RESISTANT: The solid one-piece Zinc Alloy body is IP65 rated and completely waterproof and dustproof. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor installation.
  • UP TO 1 YEAR BATTERY LIFE: 3 AA batteries, up to 8000 times access. Innovation in clutch design makes UL3 more reliable but 50% less power consumption than traditional clutches.
  • INTUITIVE OLED DISPLAY: Use the touchscreen to simply add or delete a user on the device. An OLED with intuitive information will walk you through the whole process.

4. Ardwolf A20 Security High-sensitivity High-Recognition Rate Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Click here to Buy

Best of the Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks Priced Below $200

The features of the Ardwolf A20 Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock are given as below:

  • THREE WAYS TO UNLOCK: fingerprint, user code/password, mechanical key. Support up to 100 fingerprints. 100 users available
  • RANDOM PWD PROTECTION: The Random Password Protection allows you to add any numbers before and behind the real password, and then secures you better
  • SUPPORT PASSAGE MODE: You can convert it to passage mode, during which the door can be open just by pressing the door handle. Suitable for home, office, school, bank and so on
  • USER DATA TRACKING: In the case of any problems occurs and make the user data lose, you can keep a copy for the data through the software. The latest 3,000 unlocks records can be tracked by the software as well
  • QUALITY GUARANTEE: Touch screen keypad Stainless Steel as Raw Material. Stainless steel (304 grade) is purposely designed to absorb more energy without breaking. The stronger resistance to corrosion keeps a longer lifetime for the finish

 5. ZKTeco L7000-U OLED Display Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

By improving the perfect combination of biometrics and cryptography, our fingerprint locks ensure double security through the fingerprint plus password unlocking feature. This lock supports 100 passwords and 500 fingerprints. It has three way to unlock, Fingerprint, password and mechanical key. The 1.54″ OLED Display affords clear and bright readouts That make our lock easy to use. Users can delete all the user information and set the FP locks to be in normally open(NO) state in special cases Convenient through this OLED display. L7000 & L70000-U adopt American standard single latch that enables easy installation and replacement of deadbolt lock. L7000S uses German standard mortise with one latch and one deadbolt which provides higher security. Their reversible handles enable compatibility for different door open direction. Click Here to Buy

Best of the Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks Priced Below $200

The features of ZKTeco L7000-U Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock are as following:

  • The 128*64 1.54″ OLED Display affords clear and bright readouts that make our fingerprint locks intuitive and easy to use, It supports display the battery charge level, time and date, unlocking records and so on.
  • Supports Firmware upgrade, uploading/downloading of user information and unlocking records through the USB pen drive, It supports 500 fingerprints and 30000 door open logs, User can browse unlocking records offline.
  • Supports to set classified privileges for super administrators, administrators and ordinary users, Only the super administrators can access to all system functions and modify all system settings.
  • Handle, latch and strike is reversible design for all door open direction, Features and electronic clutch handle design which helps effectively prevent the FP lock failure caused by damage to the internal structure as a result of the forced destruction of the handle.
  • Easy installation, no wiring needed, the most advanced “DIY” design, Supports single latch lock (both 60mm and 70mm locks) of the American standard.

Well, that is it from our this section of our picks of top-five Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks and we hope this will help you pick the best and most suitable for you. Thank you for reading this.

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